Sunday, March 29, 2009

Grocery Shopping: Confessions of a Hungry Pregnant Woman

I took Rachael with me to Meijer last Saturday to get some groceries. I am supposed to be taking it easy, but with Rachael riding in the grocery cart and me walking at a glacial pace, I did OK and it felt nice to get out for a bit.

We made it through the produce section before I realized, with horror, that I was STARVING.

This is what ends up in the cart when you mix hungry pregnant woman + content toddler + big grocery store (even with shopping list in hand):

* Cinnamon bread (for toasting--one of my favs)
* Combos (cheddar cheese ones...)
* Rolos (you know, those carmel candies with the chocolate coating...)
* Pretzels (critical for heartburn management, so these were medicinal...)
* Ingredients to make homemade pizza (health food!)
* A can opener (I found this in our cart as I was checking out...Rachael added this. Glad I caught it before we bought it...)
* Chocolate chip cookie mix (over 300 chips per mix! Couldn't pass it up...)
* ...the rest of the stuff on the 'legit' list

Rachael and I ate the Combos while driving home. the time we got home, the Combos had taken the edge off the hunger enough for the rational, practical me to return and realize that I had a bag of cinnamon bread, Rolos, pizza sauce, cookie mix... Rachael proudly carried in the bag of contraband (probably thinking her can opener was inside as well) and demanded we make cookies immediately (over 300 chips!).

I made her eat a peanut butter sandwich first, which marked the end of that afternoon's irresponsible food frenzy. :-)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Photo Shoot of the Smallest Baker

Smallest Baker had a little photo session yesterday and she, of course, insists that her pics be posted on the blog! Usually ultrasounds this late in a pregnancy aren't very fun, since the baby is really too big to fit in one frame, but we still managed to get some good pics to bring home. Super-fantastic: the ultrasound tech took a few extra minutes while baby was in a good position and took some 3D images! While the 3D ultrasound definitely has its drawbacks (such as, your baby has to be in perfect position to get any kind of discernible image), seeing a 'real' baby face was pretty sweet.

Here's a 3D image of Smallest Baker--she's using her placenta as a pillow here, with her arm tucked under her chin:

And here's a 'traditional' 2D profile shot--she's waving her hand in front of her face. HI EVERYONE!

We were surprised to hear that Little One is measuring two weeks ahead of her gestational age. She's about 3 lbs 9 oz now. Who knows? We could have caught her during a growth spurt. I'm not diabetic (just got my glucose test results back, in fact), so no blaming me for her size! She has probably just been putting on a lot of muscle from regularly using my bladder as a punching bag... ;-)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Art--The Follow Up

As promised, here are pics of the art projects we did last weekend at the pottery studio:

Rachael calls all cats "Phoebe," much to our Phoebe-cat's dismay...our Phoebe is gray, not yellow with blue, orange, and green polka-dots...

The Real Phoebe. See the resemblance?

Lotsa green on this side...

A calico kitty! Just like Phoebe! ;-)

We also made this plate with her handprint...I thought this was cool.

We went to a "Mommy and Me" art class this weekend and did a St. Patrick's Day project, so hopefully we'll have pics posted of that project next week!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


It's rather frustrating when the temperatures hit the mid-40s during the week (everyone at work/school), then the weekend comes and it bearly reaches 15 degrees. Augh! Sub-freezing temps make for some LOOONNGG weekends with a two-year old...can't really go outside, can't really stay inside all day...

Anyway, this past Saturday we decided to take Rachael to a pottery place not far from home. It was nice--got all of us out of the house and gave us something fun to do! Here are some pics from our adventure--Rachael liked it but was VERY serious about the painting process!

I cannot wait to see what shade of brown this clay kitty turns out to be after the application of its many 'calico' layers.... ;-) I'll post pics of our projects after I pick them up next week!