Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A New Post. Finally.

I know, I much for my resolve to post more regularly. I always have lots to write, but evenings seem to be so short and laundry piles so high. Excuses, excuses. ;-)

We just got back from Connecticut after a few days of visiting my brother and sis-in-law. They are awesome people and superfans of Rachael's, so we had a great time and kept comfortably busy.

We went to the Mystic Aquarium on Saturday, Rachael "getting it" much more at 21 months than she did at 13 months. Jim and Jen have two large aquariums and she LOVED those too, especially their huge orange fish. No, we will not be getting fish of our own. I don't mind cleaning litter boxes, but I do mind cleaning fish tanks. Ew.

Sunday we went to the beach and--shocker--Rachael loves the ocean. I think she has a modest respect for water, but not enough to appreciate how dangerous it can be. So all four of us had eyes on her as she splashed about, giggling in the refreshingly cool waves and digging her little hands into the wet sand. It's so cool to watch her catch on to new things--so rewarding. As my friend Brad always says, "kids are the bomb!"

Here are a few pics from our weekend, all taken using the fresh, tiny camera David's folks gave him for his birthday.

Check out this filter:

Playing blocks with Daddy

"Daddy, I want a fishy like THIS one!"

"Uncle Jim, I'd like an ocean just like THIS one!"

I love this one of Dave and Rach

"Aunt Jen, tell my Daddy that I need a fish tank JUST like yours..."

Beluga Whale smiling at Rachael