Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Happy many-weeks-after-Halloween! Rachael was a bumblebee this year--pretty cute! She was pretty sick of her costume by the time Halloween rolled around, though. She wore it to downtown Royal Oak's trick-or-treating event one weekend, then wore it most of the day at daycare the day of by the time we were heading out to trick-or-treat around our neighborhood, she was DONE with Halloween. That's cool. I got my $12.50's worth out of her super-fine Target costume. ;-)
Here are some more pics:
"Momma, his HEAD comes off!!"

Sitting with her Jack-o-lantern (groovy carving, Dave....)

And, for a little perspective, a pic from Rachael's first Halloween (2006). Awww....

Our little Bumblebee today!