Saturday, September 6, 2008

Getting Ready for Winter...

It's strange to be thinking about winter when it's still warm enough for shorts and t-shirts, but today we went out shopping for Rachael's winter coat and snow pants. Last year I waited until Rach actually NEEDED such things (end of October-ish), and I ended up buying from the pile of rubble that was the winter coat selection. So I was a bit more proactive this year.

Anyhoo, this is the coat we ended up getting--we have the matching snow pants too. Cool, eh? I wish I could get away with wearing a shiny pink coat. ;-) If you're looking for little kid outerwear, Gap had a lot of cool stuff to pick from, and their prices were in line with Carter's and other common outerwear haunts. Gymboree only had coats available online last I checked (not in stores for a few more weeks, they said), but the few they had online were insanely expensive. If you are insane, be sure to purchase your toddler's winter coat from Gymboree online. Heh.

Friday, September 5, 2008

If this hadn't been at a brunch buffet, this would be disgusting

We went to brunch last weekend at Fox Hills, home of the best brunch on the planet. It's a rare friend Kim and I both happened to have won brunch passes earlier in the summer, so the five of us (Kim and Mike, Dave, Rach and me) headed to Plymouth for a morning of gluttony. That is when David appeared at our table with a piece of cake and a strip of bacon. Only at brunch would it ever seem OK to have cake and bacon on the same plate...and even at's a stretch. ;-)

I applaud your creative menu, sweetie! Good thing this isn't anything close to our usual meals!