Friday, August 9, 2013


This morning didn't start out well. I work up cranky, congested, and late. After deciding to work from home instead of dragging my stuffy nose and bad attitude to the office, I pulled on a sweatshit and baseball hat and headed out to get coffee from the closest coffee shop. My first meeting was at 8am, so I was going to have to haul ass to get to the coffee shop and back in time. Caffeine will always win over punctuality.

10 minutes later, I was delighted to see the drive-through lane at Dunkin' Donuts was exceptionally short. I yelled my order into the static box (extra large coffee extra hot with cream, please) and dug through my purse for exact change.

But guess what!

When I got to the window, the clerk let me know that the car in front of me paid for my coffee. I looked up and saw a lady in a red SUV in front of me, waving and giving me a thumbs-up as she drove away. I waved back, dumbfounded, and offered her a ridiculously huge smile. I took my free coffee from the clerk and felt the irritation of my cranky morning melt away. Two points for humanity!

Talk about small things making a big difference. A stranger spent $2.11 on me this morning, and she expected nothing in return. Maybe a stranger did something similar for her and she wanted to share that feeling with someone else. I'll never know. But I know that this is something I'll talk about for a long time, and (more importantly!) something I'll do myself in the future.

I drove home, smiling, singing along with the radio, and ready to deal with whatever my 8am meeting had to throw at me (and throw stuff it did...)

What amazing things will you do with $2.11 today?

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